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Musician. Composer. Sonic World Builder.


Sound Designer Team Lead


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Here to help you build the sonic identity of your project; films, video games, or any creative endeavour you need a soundtrack for. Regardless of scale, I'll help you capture your unique vision for your project or brand through original compositions and soundscapes.

Building on a career as a solo musician under the moniker Mappe Of, through which I've been able to realize my own visions, I've garnered extensive musical experience in professional studio environments, all the while picking up practical skills and graduating from Music Industry Arts at Fanshawe, giving me a breadth of influence and technical ability to draw from as a composer, producer and session musician.

I now work full time as a video game sound designer and composer at Big Blue Bubble. With my experience in the music industry and now the video game industry, I'm now looking to share my knowledge and grow among the music and sound design community. Head over to my Instagram @tommeiklecomposer to connect.

Working on a project that needs sound? Let's talk about it.


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