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Shipped Titles

Video Game Composition

Video game music is a pillar of my musical identity. I understand what it takes to build video game worlds, through working as a sound designer and composer on several shipped titles and having created a world of my own in the form of a concept record for my musical project Mappe Of. I know how much time and effort it takes to conceive of coherent, convincing lore, and with my composition skills I'll provide you with the perfect soundtrack to accompany that rich world-building.

The Isle of Ailynn' Mappe Of (0:00)
'Little Friends: Puppy Island' (0:17)
'Power Chord' (1:07)
'My Singing Monsters: Playground' (1:48)
'My Singing Monsters: Viral TikTok Sound' (2:12)
Contact (2:50)

Open world video game sound design implementation example.
Environment created using Unreal Engine, implementation using Wwise.


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